My own collection and taking it to Paris

My own collection and taking it to Paris
In June 2019 I graduated as a specialist in Fashion & Tailoring. To graduate, I made a collection that I have designed and tailored by myself. 

I started drawing, worked out a concept, recruited models and toke their measurements. Secondly, I chose all of the fabrics and haberdashery. This had to match the image that was in my head and it had to match my drawings. After doing research a lot, I decided that the pied-de-poule print (houndstooth) would be the guiding print in my collection. It was everything I was looking for; simple but significant. And it matched the classic, elegant, je-ne-sais-quoi-look of the Française.
To finish this collection, I drew the patterns for the collection by hand, put them on the fabric and cut it & I sewed all of the pieces together.

When I finalized my collection, I organized a photoshoot in Paris. I went there with two models and a photographer. I made the choice to go to Paris, because I really wanted to engage my audience in the concept of the collection. While working on my concept, I wrote a small poem about a typical French woman, sitting on a Parisian balcony. This is how I came up with the name “Sur Le Balcon”.

Organising a Fashionshow
With my peers, I organized a fashion show for our whole studies, including about 10 groups that showed an outfit or their graduation collection. We called our fashion show ‘It’s Time’, because It’s Time for us to graduate and start new adventures. We think that It Is Time for change, It’s Time to think about the future. That’s why we also worked on sustainability.

In the fashion show organization, we divided tasks and I was in charge of Public Relations together with two other students. In this period we got in touch with several companies, to ask them to sponsor 900 goodie bags that we were going to fill for all the visitors. Besides this, we were mostly busying ourselves with the social media pages.

On the big day itself, the 28th of June 2019, there were two shows; one in the late afternoon and one in the evening. The evening show included an award ceremony and a big final where all graduates went on stage with their model wearing their top designer piece.

Photography: Evelynn Koolstra

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